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Henry Collins

Rummaging as a musical practice that has became an obsession for me for the last two years. The sound of many different objects knocking and falling into each other is lovely, the physicality of it is energizing and the meditative benefits of the activity are wonderful. As with a lot of my art, music and creative endeavors, this too has a relation to my childhood, in this case, a singular sound from my childhood.

I distinctly remembered at the age of 4 or 5, the sound of tipping a whicker chest filled with lego out onto the floor, the sound i heard was 100’s of pieces of plastic toppling onto each other, it was percussive, it was pure, it stuck in my head. Moving back to the present i am looking to explore this type of sound as thoroughly as i can. Through practice, performance and recording.

This year I found a musical partner, Robin Foster, who also had a love for it and so we rummaged the nights away with much passion and energy, looking to find interesting new rhythms, testing combinations of objects and vessels, experimenting, recording, forming larger ensembles of rummagers and looking to become virtuoso rummagers (if that is possible).

We recently decided it was about time to turn our notes about our practice into words (As we are still learning and conducting experiments with the rummaging, this mission statement or manifesto is will be updated as and when is needed)

Download Rummaging Mission Statement PDF

rum·mage (rmj)
v. rum·maged, rum·mag·ing, rum·mag·es
1. To search thoroughly by handling, turning over, or disarranging the contents of.
2. To discover by searching thoroughly.
To make an energetic, usually hasty search.
1. A thorough search among a number of things.
2. A confusion of miscellaneous articles.

Rummaging, 31st August 2014 from Rummaging on Vimeo.