Henry Collins artist, performer, composer ……………

Henry Collins

 Around two years ago, myself and Robin Foster formulated a sound practice called Rummaging. The purpose of rummaging is the creation of noise. The approach is straight forward: objects placed in a container are played by the hands. The act of rummaging creates sound through the collision of objects both with each other and their container. One of our paramount beliefs is the complete and total disassociation of rhythmic intuition. Allow the sounds to improvise with other of their own accord — when given the opportunity, they will do so. Listen for and enjoy these moments as you enable them to exist

Rummaging exists as

– Audio recordings
– Performances
– Workshops
– A listening experience
– An ethos you can to adapt to other creative activities


We have performed rummaging in many different locations; Churches, soundproofed studio’s, prison cells, warehouses, woodland, concert halls, kitchens and hotels. The space that it is performed is of course very important as it becomes the subsequent container. With the microphone, level settings and recording device playing yet another key role in how it sounds for recordings. The variables are immense. Here’s an imaginary example of a recording we could make

Wooden coffin filled with brazil nuts in the living room of a cottage in Monmouthshire using a Sennheiser MKH 418-S and a Studer D780 Studio Dat Recorder. 2.00 am

We have also experimented with it as an orchestra which we conduct and even rejected our own mission statement by doing extended free rummaging performances where rummaging loosely connects playful object improvisation and one to one ASMR.

It is a continual exploratory project we believe has enabled us to find solace in sound.