Henry Collins artist, performer, composer ……………

Henry Collins

Through redaction i unearth hidden compositions. Compositions that tell a story different to the story they were made to tell. I only lay claim to discovering this music not making it. Making it suggests building something and i certainly did not do that.

In 2001 I deleted every voice and song from the audio track of the film ‘The Sound of Music’ leaving only the space that the characters occupy and the sounds that happened within them. This was released 12 years later on Every Contact Leaves a Trace

More redacted films can be heard on my website OMIT. Which is occasionally updated with new music. The aim being to redact a broad selection of films through the ages.

You can stream my version of Groundhog Day (1993) bellow

I am pleased to announce in early 2016 ‘The Masters’ will be released on Seth Cooke’s ‘Every contact leaves a trace’ label. ‘The Masters’ is a redaction of the entire BBC coverage of the 2014 golf tournament ‘The Masters’ ..

Cooke wrote upon delivery of the first days footage “This is a fantastic piece. It works because of the inability to totally remove the human voices… it’s a great satire on field recording, because done what a shit ton of field recordists do (presented a recording of naturalist nature sounds with every attempt made to remove the human element) but without actually going to the location, and conducted in such a manner that your presence, and the presence of humanity in general, is inescapable. And it’s all framed around an absent human sporting activity that has cultivated and landscaped the natural environment.”