Henry Collins artist, performer, composer ……………

Henry Collins

Here’s some of the stuff i do or did or sometimes do

Unidirectional performance faction led by myself and Robin Foster

Accident and Emergency (A+E)
Outlet for experimental activities, run by myself and Robin Foster

Psychedelic cassette label, launched 2015

Casio/Yamaha keyboard free splat whizzkid

Slash’s Wormhole

Crouching demon, hidden message
Unexpurgated record label founded by Matt Lambert & Henry Collins

Henry Collins / H.L. Collins
In 2013 I started to once again compose and perform under my own name

Pleasant electronic music i make now a`nd again

This is the home to a collection of sound works under my real name

Misty Conditions
Collaboration with Richard Wilson. Exploring the world of techno, primitive trap, juke, nosie, electronica and jungle..


Mash Hits
Every UK #1 single from 1952 – 2012 remixed, reworked and re-imagined (Finished)

Place of Safety
monthly free improv meet up open to all to participate or listen (Not currently active)

Club Quiet
Monthly experimental music event I curate (Not currently active)

Urban Myth
Free improv quartet in which i played electronics and random objects. Comprised of myself, Jim Black (guitar), Adam Bushell (vibraphone) and Kirsten Elliott (flutes, melodica) (Not currently active)

Wrong Music
Record label, collective and Crew.. Active from 2003-2011. Home of Countryside Alliance Crew, DJ Scotch Egg and Robot Ninja Dinosaur Bastards … Focussing on raucous, comedic and experimental sounds ..  (Defunct)