Henry Collins artist, performer, composer ……………

Henry Collins

On Electroacoustic Free Improvisation: Henry Collins in conversation with Lydia Morgan

Musique concrète grindcore magnum opus
Tape to Tape

Rummaging cassette tapes & cases, recorded direct to the tapes themselves. (2016)

Music Inspired by the woodcut prints by Albrecht Dürer, which depict scenes from the Book of Revelation. Designed for playback in Churches.

Naked recordings of something i did.
Fuckin' Improvisation Volume 1

Volume one of an inconstant diary of my life as an improviser.. (2016)
Epoxy Fog

A ten track collection of my music (2016)
Spill Lynch Corrosiveness/Frostlike, neighborly aversion

Split w/ Robin Foster. Guitar noise experiments. Out soon on LF Records (2015)
White Dog Shit/Black Dog Shit

Slash's Wormhole. Mystic noise hell. Ltd edition cassette, sold out. (free download) (2015)
Then as it was, then again it will be

Reworked Led Zeppelin (2015)

collaboration with raxil4. Improvised noise (2015)
Untitled Cassette

Stuart Chalmers/Henry Collins, Sindre Bjerga ‎– Split. Sold out. (free download) (2015)
Modern Adventures in Music

Debut Album by Tippex. ZamZam Records (2015)

Mammoth free-noise free-for-all, Union Pole (2015)
No machine guns, no moats, nothing

All journeys have secret destinations of
which the traveler is unaware. Self Released (2014)
Ixotica Volume 1

Created solely through using websites as
sound libraries and instruments. Self Released (2015)
Creating Friction : Volume 1

Edit's from over 30 hours of recordings of sound installations, Third Kind Records (2015)
Astral Projecting on S.S Great Britain

Fictional musical story. Drone's and clanks. Treguard, sold out (2012)
The Music of Sound

The Sound of Music with all speech and songs redacted (2013)
Trenches of Shrek

Kyler, Self Released (2014)
Magiske Rør

Kyler, Bit-phalanx (2013)
Pur Cosy Tales

Kyler, Planet Mu (2006)

Kyler, Self Released (2014)

Kyler, Self Released (2014)
Lost Themes

John Carpet, Crouching demon, hidden message (2015)
Bananaman Foley

Bannanaman series 1-3. with music and voice redacted, Internet archive (2012)
Let me live 'till I wither and decay

Ambient ode to Alma Gluck (2012)