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Henry Collins
Mash Hits

I am happy to say Mash Hits is complete!

Over the course of the 10 months doing this project i have gained a new appreciation for pop music and an equal hatred for it. Bouncing between warm heartfelt song’s of the golden era and the loud obnoxious songs of nowadays. Maybe i’m getting old or maybe i’m getting wise.

Hope you have enjoyed the project and stay tuned for news on a possible physical release of it 2016. I am human and i could have made a mistake but as far i know i have used every song (Double a sides too) that got to number one in the uk between 14th november 1952 & 14th of november 2012 to make 293 new tracks. The chart information i used up to 2004 is from the “Guinness Book of British Hit Singles & Albums” & from 2004 onwards from BBC Radio 1

My plan now is to delete all pop music from my hard drives as to cleanse my data storage systems and create a clean palette for new projects. Never look back always look forward.