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Henry Collins
Join the Rummaging Orchestra (15/10/16)
We are recruiting for members of the Rummaging Orchestra for a performance in Salford on the 15th of October 2016.

The Rummaging Orchestra is an ad-hoc assemblage of performers who engage in the performance practice of rummaging under the guidance of the founders of the practice, Robin Foster and Henry Collins.

Rummaging is a physical activity devised by Henry and Robin as a reconciliation of mutual interests in improvisation, indeterminacy, physicality and noise. It involves junk and found objects and the freeing of the hands and body to create new, dehumanised noise.

The performance will require a degree of physical stamina, and safety equipment (gloves, eye protection) is recommended. Members of the orchestra will also need to provide their own rummaging container and objects (junk, etc) though we will be sourcing rummaging material from the area around the venue in the afternoon before the performance. Those wishing to take part will also need to be available on the afternoon of the performance for a discussion/rehearsal. The performance in the evening is likely to be around an hour in duration.

For more information on the practice, visit rummaging.org.uk or search for the Rummaging Orchestra on Facebook.

The performance will be taking place at Islington Mill. Created in 2000, Islington Mill is a celebration of the unconventional; of radical and subversive thinking – it is a place where anything feels possible, fostering an openness to experiment.