Henry Collins artist, performer, composer ……………

Henry Collins
Early sound art

Back in 2001, while in my second year of a sculpture degree, i created a kinetic sound installation from stuff you find round the house named ‘House Music’. This was my first sound based work. I used five vacuum cleaners, an electric carving knife and food whisk and various other items. This created a demented noise band who perform when visitors walk past the stage. The power of each item was turned on and off in a sequence using a rotary type device as you would find in a music box, the sound was manic, loud, & horrible. Gradually by the end of the week long exhibition the sound of the installation changed as the electrical items got knackered or broke, one of the most interesting outcomes to me. Unfortunately no video’s or audio exist of this work due to a hard drive failure. I did however find some photographs


Concert des éléments de la cuisine’ happened in the function room of the sculpture department at Brighton university. My aim for the concert scenario to try to get people to listen to daily sounds rather than just hear them.  Attended by 14 people the concert consisted of 3 performances; an amplified kettle boiling, an amplified fridge and an amplified toaster. The audience applauded for the first performance by the kettle but the fridge’s 40 minute set was not well liked. Nine people walked out about ten minutes through. Leaving only five people for the final performance by the toaster. Bellow is an edit of the Fridge’s performance.

I set up ‘Now That’s What I Call Music’ As a way of promoting that i thought household, natural and ambient sounds were very musical. I made this simple sound piece. Influenced by John Cages 3.34 score it was a pair of headphones hung on the wall like you’d have in HMV or Virgin Megastore. All that you would hear when you put on the headphones was an amplified stream of the space they were standing in. A simple way to make people listen instead of just hearing.